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Before proceeding, 
Please read the following conditions:

1. All orders are processed through a secure server.

2. Delivery is FREE* World Wide with a minimum order
    of 2 plates of ANY text combination.

3. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

4.Special arrangements for shipment or payment can be made by emailing: Teresa

5. Plates can accommodate  a maximum of 22 characters,     not including punctuation such as  " :  //  .  /  -   ~  "

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*Buy two and save $8.50 shipping and     handling charge
    Net cost per plate $39.95 for chrome, $44.95 for gold.
    Shipping is via First Class Air Mail.
    Larger orders (12 or more) can be couriered  where feasible.
    (email Promo Plates for details)


Each +S&H*
(US Dollars)



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